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Joshua Henry, Bow Maker, Sales, Repair, Restoration--Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass

Nov 10, 2009 |
9970 Lake Landing Rd
Montgomery Village MD 20886
I am a bow maker and restorer, focusing on quality, playability, and sound. I make new bows, restore old bows, and rehair all bows. I sell vintage bows in price ranges from $400 to over $10,000 and ... Read more

Gailes' Violin Shop - College Park

Apr 6, 2008 |
We offer a full range of quality instruments from around the globe to meet a variety of budgets and performance expectations. Through each price range, our selection offers continual refinement of ... Read more

Howard Needham - Annapolis

Apr 6, 2008 |
violinshop ... Read more

Keiffer Violin Shop - Waldorf

Apr 6, 2008 |
Whatever your string instrument needs: repairs, a new instrument, or professional instruction in violin, viola and cello; I hope you will give me a call, or send me an email to let me know how I can ... Read more

Lashof Violins - Gaithersburg

Apr 6, 2008 |
We stock a large selection of new and vintage instruments and bows  ranging from the beginner to the advanced student level. We stock instruments based on quality, not the lowest priced ... Read more


Mar 3, 2014 |
NOVA Strings is a full line wholesaler of orchestral string instrument accessories. We stock products that range from AB Rosin to Xeros endpin anchors and just about everything in between. If it goes ... Read more

Perrin Violins - Baltimore

Apr 6, 2008 |
We create an environment where all string players feel comfortable talking with us about their instruments, trying a variety of instruments and bows, discussing repair options, and trying new ... Read more

Potter's Violins - Bethesda

Apr 6, 2008 |
We offer violins, violas, cellos and basses of exceptional value - including all of the Heinrich Lutiger, Rudoulf Doetsch and Wilhelm Klier instruments. We maintain a wide range of accessories and our ... Read more


Feb 21, 2014 |
David provides: A variety of violins, violas and bows for the professional musician and serious student Optimization of instruments to the musician's style Custom Violins and Violas Expert tonal ... Read more


Feb 21, 2014 |
The Violin House of Weaver has been making available fine instruments to musicians since 1898. William Weaver, his wife Evy and along with his daughter Kristi Weaver, who is 4th generation to the ... Read more